Why do I need to use my working email?
Because the Living Laudato Si’ Secretariat will get in touch with you anytime to verify your profile account, your activities, or feature your activities on the website.

Why do the LivingLaudatosi.ph Secretariat need to contact me before activating my account?
The Living Laudato Si’ Secretariat will need to get in touch with you to conduct a short verification to ensure that the new account is from a real person or is representing a real civil society or institution.

Why do I need to complete my profile before I can post my activities?
Every now and then, the Living Laudato Si’ Secretariat will check how vast LivingLaudatosi.ph has reached geographically that’s why you need to indicate your country and city and other pertinent information to the Living Laudato Si’ advocacy.

Why do I need to indicate my phone number?
The Living Laudato Si’ Secretariat may get in touch with you telephonically to inform you about certain updates, additional verifications or simply to say “Hi!”. This is why, before you sign-up with us, it is important that you have read and agree with our About page and our Privacy Policy before you register with us.


What is the reset password process?
To ensure that you own the account, we will send a new password to your email. When you click “Sign-In” on the menu, a Forgot Password page will load. You will see a box that will require you to enter your username. Please type in your username and click “Reset Password”. Upon clicking “Reset Password” button, you will receive a new password in your email. Use that password to regain access to Living Laudato Si’. You can change your password to your desired password by going to your profile once you sign-in successfully.


What is the ranking all about?
The ranking that you see on your dashboard allows you to see how are you doing among others who joined LivingLaudatosi.ph. The lower the number you see means the higher you are in the ranking. This means that your activities are doing very well. Example, under “Rank among City”, the number you see is your rank among those who signed-up who belong to the same city are yours.


What is Group Type?
This is how we group people, entities or communities who pledged to the advocacy of Living Laudato Si’. If you are doing it as a personal pledge, then please choose “Individual”. If you are doing with together with a group of individual, please choose “Civil Society”. But if you are doing it as a business institution, educational institution or government institution, please choose “Institution”.


What does Frequency mean?
This is how often you do your activity. Let say you “Practiced Meatless Day Diet”. Some would do it one-time, while others pledged to this as a lifestyle. You just have to choose which frequency applies to your activity.